What is a city guide?

We travel the world in research of great retail experiences. On top of running our own retail tour in the US in January each year (if you’re interested in coming along going email us), we also get asked a lot by clients to put together itineraries when they head to big retail hubs. With all this intelligence and info sitting in RetailOasis we thought it was time we made these available to anyone who wants to buy one or two…or three. At the moment we’ve covered the big cities – Paris, Berlin, London and NYC…with more to come in the future.

What can you expect from each city guide:
  • 10-15 of the most innovative stores within the city broken up by key neighbourhoods (in case you’re looking to walk it yourself);
  • Background information on each of the stores so you can get a feel for what you’re looking for or what there is to learn before you enter;
  • Updated every 6-12 months so that stores you’re seeing are representative of the future of retail.
What Cities Have We Covered?

So far we have Paris, New York City, London and Berlin… with many more coming soon.

Example of the city guide content:

What’s the level of investment (aka the cost)?

We have three options to purchase the guides:

Price per Individual Guide (client*): AU$200 each

(*Client of RetailOasis in the last 12 months);

Price per Individual Guide (non-client):  AU$300 each

Unlimited Access to All Guides: AU$700 pa~

 ~We will email you each guide as it becomes available

To purchase fill in the below!

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Looking for Another City or a Bespoke Guide?

We offer a bespoke city guide service also, if you or a group are visiting multiple locations (ie. Dubai, Tokyo, Seoul) we can create a unique guide and focus retail destinations specifically to your category. Within this service we can breakdown times spent at each location also.

To enquire about this service email us at enquire@retailoasis.com.