Last week the media jumped on the launch of Amazon’s new Australian home and garden store, and RetailOasis were there for comment, read our thoughts and comments below across a number of different publications.

Our Senior Strategist Trent Rigby spoke to Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily News, Moose Gazette and Power Retail. And our Co-Director Pippa Kulmar spoke to Smart Company. Read each via the below highlights and links.

To summarise the comments from each Trent believes Amazon’s launch is well-timed and likely to challenge Bunnings and other outdoor suppliers once it is fully operational (a year or two down the track). They can compete on price and delivery ease and this will take some of the low involvement home DIY market, the ‘weekend warrior’ as opposed to the more skilled trades etc.

Whereas Pippa commented on the introduction of the Amazon store in terms of the small business suppliers who will sell on the platform. It provides another point of distribution for them, which will help grown their business. As well as this is not the end for Amazon online store openings, they will continue to add category upon category.