Woolworths have just announced their next campaign to the successful Lion King Ooshies, and it perfectly addresses any of the war on waste objections of the previous. The next promotion will be collectable seedling packs, named the “Discovery Garden” the biodegradable pots provide you the opportunity to grow your own fresh food. The campaign will still leverage the collecting appetite of the audience, but this time not adding to landfill with yet more non-biodegradable plastic. The initiative also aligns to Woolworths Fresh Food People-moniker, further adding to the halo effect of home grown for the masses. The format is based on the internationally successful ‘Little Garden’ which has previously been rolled out in countries such as New Zealand and South Africa.

Woolworths Discovery Garden collectables campaign

Woolworths Discovery Garden collectables campaign
Image source: Woolworths

In review of the most recent collectable campaigns, Woolworths was a standout winner. In comparison Coles resurfaced the 3rd or 4th iteration of the little shop campaign with an ap integration, launched late in the campaign-cycle, with very little observed adoption. While Woolworths rode the wave of a successful Lion King film release, as part of their Disney partnership, arguably the Ooshies contended as a successful element in their own right. Inevitably, both received negative feedback with regard to the generated plastic waste, but Woolworths can now counter this with their latest launch, that would appear to satisfy on all fronts.

Part of the genius of the campaigns is their ability to engage children with parents. Whether it provides the welcome opportunity of distraction in the shopping aisles or simply the short-term delivery of joy at the opening of the mystery wrapper. They clearly work.

With the ongoing threat of new supermarket entrants such as Kauffland and Aldi continuing to steal share, any ground gained, especially in the family shopper market is a worthwhile investment. So we now look to Coles to see how they respond to Woolworths in the collectables battle.

While you’re here…. if anyone has an Eclipse gum, milk or toilet paper Little Shop collectable going spare, my colleague Trent will happily take it off your hands, contact him here.