We recently came back from a trip overseas to Oslo, Norway’s up-and-coming modern capital city. We visited some interesting retailers and here’s our favourites.


Paleet shopping centre

Paleet has operated as a shopping centre since 1990. It underwent an extensive renovation 4 years ago with the aim to “create a shopping destination with a strong personality”. The project sought “to provide an overall experience through exquisite design as well as offering a range of dining venues and high end boutiques.” And what an experience it was! From the second I walked in to when I left, I was wow-ed.

“The goal was to rationalize and modernize the mall, building on the existing atmosphere without copying the old. The brief was to elevate the mall to a high end shopping destination in way that felt intimate, exclusive with rough feel.”

Every little detail has been thought through and is beautifully show in a palette of golden copper in warm tones. It’s clear that a lot of effort has been put into each store as they’re all melding into the industrial, luxurious theme of the precinct whilst at the same time, every space tells an individual story. The offer at Paleet present both national and international designers within high-end fashion in clothes, shoes and accessories, with an emphasis is on craftsmanship, authenticity and distinctive quality.

Here’s a detailed description of the thoughts behind the design of Paleet.


YME Universe

YME has taken inspiration from stores such as Colette in Paris, Corso Como in Milan, and Dover Street Market in London, and is “a curated universe of fashion, art, interior, and design.” Since opening its doors in 2014 they have become one of the most inspiring, leading and curated concept stores in Scandinavia.

“The retail space and interior was designed as a multifunctional area, where customers and visitors are encouraged to meet and exchange culture, ideas and experiences with cosmetic excellences.”

YME offer a carefully curated mix of ready-to-wear, high-end, contemporary, street wear, ”hard-to-get” brands and accessories for men and women. In addition to this, the offer also includes carefully selected art, interior, niche perfumes, books, magazines and an original mix of designer products. The YME universe includes its own gallery and bookstore, as well as a café. The intent is for visitors to be inspired and dive into a unique selection of books and magazines from around the world and experience installations and artwork.

YME also proactively supports new and upcoming artists and frequently hosts events and art exhibitions with talented Norwegian artists.


T-Michael / Norwegian Rain / Modern Tribute

This store, described as “a different retail experience” is also located in Paleet shopping centre, in a “cultural historic and majestic” location. This part of the building used to be Blom’s Bodega, a restaurant which throughout all of the 19th century was a favourite place to go eat and drink, especially amongst artists.
The men behind the new retail concept wished to keep the history of the location in their current design with a modern twist of their own brands.

Whether it is waterproof outerwear from Norwegian Rain, suits from T-Michael or furniture from Modern Tribute, their common vision is “to create things that lasts”. At the back of the store there’s a tailoring room where men can get their suits fitted on-site.

“When you step into the venue and really begin to see, it is a calm, down to earth kind of place filled with Norwegian design and hand-picked furniture from all over the world”

Pretty much everything you see in the store is for sale, and the furniture is hand-picked by Eric Beugnet, the man behind Modern Tribute. The furniture pieces are chosen for their eminent craftsmanship and authenticity and kept with their original patina or respectfully restored by skilled craftsmen. In other words, every piece is one of a kind.



Walking down one of the biggest shopping streets of Oslo, Bogstadveien, I came across this store. The amazingly beautiful concrete floors, walls and roofs with few, yet visually appealing product displays drew me in. The store is designed to “reflect our luxury brand’s pillars – sustainability, in an intimate, personal and architectural atmosphere. The store concept attracts inspiration from AIAYU’s simple and honest aesthetics that originate from natural materials, whose craft traditions meet Scandinavian elegance.”

AIAYU is a Danish brand whose product range consist of both ready to wear, home and loungewear. Since 2005, AIAYU has been a leader in sustainable luxury and has created a universe focusing on classic silhouettes in clean and natural materials. Their products are of timeless design with a quality that is meant to last a lifetime.



As we all know, each and every Aēsop store has incredible designs and this store is no exception. Every Aēsop store is designed to be unique and reflect the local surroundings and celebrate the history of that area.

This store, located in Oscars Gate 19, was designed by internationally renowned Norwegian design company Snøhetta. The space is almost entirely made out of Norwegian oak with touches of copper. The copper sink was designed by British designer Ilse Crawford. The store is located in an old art deco building, which the design reflects in its line structures of the oak. The walls also designed to allow for flexibility in product arrangement and display.


f5 Concept

“F5 is short for Factory 5. The name hints at their address in Øvre Slottsgate 5, but even more to the fact that the shop is actually a factory with clothes being designed, and even made there.”

You won’t find a product that’s not Norwegian or have a connection to Norway in this store. They carry two own labels as well as around 20 designers. In contrast to a lot of other retailers, f5 stock their full range in store and only a few brands online which encourages customers to visit their bricks and mortar. You might not have heard of a lot of the brands in the store, that’s because they choose to support fresh up-and-coming Norwegian designers – giving them a space to distribute and expose their products and to grow their brands.

The interior of the space is simple, yet elegant with white walls, concrete floors and touches of timber and steel.



Dapper is a retail concept developed by three mates that opened in 2013. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything from clothing and footwear, to accessories and even fragrances. In addition to this they have a grooming salon and bike shop in store where customers can utilise services as well as buy related products.

The name “Dapper” is defined in urbandictionary.com as “A compliment made to someone who looks incredibly smart, sexy and stylish” – which they found a suiting name for their store and it’s what drives them in everything they do. Their business philosophy is all about selling high quality, stylish and traditional goods – which they found was a niche in the Oslo retail offer.

The background behind the concept was that they “would like to introduce a more continental style to Oslo; exchanging sports gear and “weather jackets” (allværsjakker) with classy, good-looking and designed clothes, bikes and accessories. In addition, we would like to introduce classic shaving to Norwegians, as an alternative to the plastic hegemony of Gillette and their equivalents.”


So if you’re ever in Oslo you know where to go!