In light of the recent Australian Marriage Law postal survey, Coca Cola joins a long list of progressive companies to have raised their hand in support of marriage equality. For a few weeks now, the brand’s iconic Kings Cross billboard has donned a rainbow themed advertisement, complemented by the text “we say yes to love!”. The adjacent Coke sign will flash in rainbow colours until the ballot period has expired in early November.

The company didn’t stop there, however.

Not only have their Coca Cola cans received a makeover, but they’ve also become one of the only companies to have complemented their symbolic support with that of financial assistance, with proceeds from the ‘Love’ cans going into the ‘Yes’ campaign.

Commercially, the billboard is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and is situated in a prime Sydney location on many commuters’ routes. So, the question remains – have Coca Cola successfully targeted their key consumer groups?
Arguable, yes. Allow me to explain.

* cracks open coke can *

Angela Smith, Group Account Director of Roy Morgan Research believes that during a time of rapidly changing market trends, understanding your consumer’s needs is imperative to remain competitive.

Amid news of Coca-Cola Amatil releasing its lowest profit in years, figures reveal “In the case of young Aussies aged under-25, soft drinks have actually experienced a surge in popularity over the last year” says Smith.

As such, their support for the Yes campaign, in addition to its obvious social value, also has commercially beneficial ramifications. Specifically, as the majority of said younger demographic are likely to be ‘yes voters’ the company has realised this opportunity and accurately aligned their views with that of their consumers.

What we can learn from this is that by personalising one’s brand message to appeal to a specific consumer audience, a brand can both maintain customer loyalty and improve its market recognition.

Hence, the ability to stay on-trend and topical, especially when there is an opportunity to engage with a socially significant issue, is what sets Coca Cola above the rest as the truly progressive innovators in our market.


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