If you haven’t read the first part of our favourite stores it’s here. So the list continues with three more spectacular stores from our recent trip to paris.

4. Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse


From the famed French chef, Alain Ducasse – comes a beautiful chocolate concept on the boarder of the Marais and Bastille in Paris. It’s hard to find, just off the main road, but behind it’s glass doors is a place where chocolate is treated just like jewellery. The main display is a large glass container full of amazing chocolate creations. What’s cool about this store is it’s also a manufacturing facility. So you get glimpses of people making chocolate while you’re buying it. Pretty cool!
Address: 40 Rue De La Roquette

5. Kerzon 


When most people think of perfumeries in Paris they think of the cult, Diptique. We came across a beautiful perfumer in the Marais called Kerzon. Started in Provence in 2013, this brand has expanded from soap to all sorts of products from the home (laundry detergents), moisturisers to perfumes. We particularly loved their collection dedicated to Paris, where they had created scents for the different areas called ‘Strolling through Paris’ like Ile-St-Louis, Parc Monceau or Jardin Du Luxembourg. These were displayed in store in a beautiful Parisian sellers box – like you see lining the Seine.
Kerzon has been growing quickly – they’ve grown their distribution to Printemps and 200 other stores.
Address: 68 rue de Turenne

6. Oh My Cream

Ok, so aside from the funny sounding name – this is a seriously cool beauty concept. Started in 2013 by Juliette Levy, the idea was the create a place for prestigious, niche, natural beauty products and services. Aside from the hard to find brands they stock, they offer a raft of services – for example their St Germain store has a nail salon, a make-up station, a facial room, a place to get massages. This is a retail concept that’s so on trend – with the move within beauty to natural/organic and into services. Oh My Cream addresses a space left empty by the very commercial, youthful Sephora – this is definitely a concept to watch. They have 10 outlets spread throughout Paris and Provence.
There are plenty more stores we could have added to the list. If you’re after retail tour recommendations we will be created a section of our website dedicated with where to shop by city in the next month.

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