Vetements fashion changed my life. It happened just this week, on Wednesday to be precise.

It was our weekly “express yourself” day in the office. Some offices have casual Friday, we have express yourself Wednesdays. If you’ve worked with us you’ll know we’re a pretty casual bunch. And to break us out of our all black / athleisure wearing habits we’ve taken to dressing up on Wednesdays. Sometimes it’s themed, and sometimes it’s not, either way it’s all about going all the way and wearing things you may not usually put together or feel that may be a bit too ‘out there’ for the everyday.

This week our inspiration came from Vetements who held their SS18 fashion show in a car park in Paris and called it No Show. And yes, it changed my life.

Who are they? To be honest I wasn’t au fait with them either, so I did a bit of research. Vetements (pronounced vetMEHN) is French for ‘clothes’ and launched in 2014 in Paris. Now, based out of Zurich as a side project for head designer Demna Gvasalia (pronounced Deem-nah Vas-ah-liyah), he’s from Georgia, and has worked for Maison Martin Margiela and Louis Vuitton, and currently Head Designer at Balenciaga. You may have heard about the Balenciaga IKEA tote they released in April that elicited a global response?

ikea-responds-balenciaga-original-frakta-bag-6 2017-04_GQ_IkeaDefence_3x2

But back to Vetements, they use ordinary people as models and create collections around the ordinary everyday uniforms we all wear. From the hoodie and track pants to the UPS delivery guys actual uniform. Their fashion creations seem to be a bit of an anti-fashion statement. The design team that work with Gvasalia are anonymous, thought to be his former colleagues and mates from design school, but allegedly the impetus for the fashion label was to design clothes that his friends want to wear.

At first glance the images are a little confusing, and when you see the price tags even more so.

Vetements Reebok Hoodie

But they are so very entertaining (I just cant get enough of it).

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 12.35.21 pm  Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 12.37.58 pm  Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 12.36.45 pm

The life changing moment however happened as I was circling Manly on Wednesday morning in my UPS inspired outfit looking for a car park. All of a sudden I understood. Everyone on the street looked amazing. The grandma strutting in her white rain jacket with printed gloves and giant pompomed beanie standing proud like a pyramid on top of her head. The dad picking up milk from Coles in his all blue get up (sneakers, trackies, knit jumper and cap). And the runner in oversized drapey navy shorts with brown polyester t-shirt accessorised perfectly with a neon yellow reflector belt and wrist band. It was breathtaking, like the streets were filled with fashionistas strutting their individual looks.

All of a sudden the back streets and alleyways with faded signs and filth looked inspirational. I was wearing rose coloured glasses and figuring out how to get the old Pharmacy sign at the back of the car park into my next insta pics.

I’ve never felt this way in Manly before, maybe only in Darlinghurst or Newtown where people tend to push their street style to the edge. And definitely in Tokyo and London, where fashion is life.

On this day I saw for the first time that the mundane and ordinary was painfully beautiful.

Everyone has their look, whatever they are comfortable in, and it’s perfect. All that’s required is a killer pose and you’re a star. So go forth and be yourself, (and check out your power pose in front of the mirror) you’re cool just as you are.

For a look at how much fun we had check out our Instagram feed: @retailoasis

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