London’s Bird Street, located just off the infamous Oxford Street, is about to get a full makeover from New West End Company with the aim to become the world’s very first smart street.

The street, currently under-utilised, will be transformed into “an oasis of technology, fashion, innovation and sustainability”. It will also be completely traffic free!
Each retail space or kiosk is carefully designed to look like origami birds, and is fitted with basic lighting, heating and a lightbox for a logo sign.

What’s more ground-breaking however is how they plan to trial the use of sustainable technology, bringing in PaveGen technology which generates electricity from pedestrian movement on paving stones, and Airlite’s paint-like revolutionary air purifying technology.

New West End, in collaboration with Appear Here, are currently looking for tenants to go in to the kiosks, mainly innovative, edgy and sustainable fashion, food and technology retailers interested in having contemporary pop up stores in the spaces.

It’s too early to know who is going and just how big of an impact this street will have on sustainability, but stay tuned – we believe this could be a new and disruptive way of retailing!