1. Imran Khan, Chief of Strategy at Snapchat:


This morning we heard from Imran Khan, Chief of Strategy at Snapchat. Instead of spilling all his tricks of the trade (like we were all hoping) his talk was unfortunately more of a sales pitch for advertising on Snapchat. Clearly their dropping share price is really taking it’s toll…

Interesting facts:

  • People take 31 billion pictures/videos on Snapchat everyday
  • Snapchat have 166 million daily users worldwide
  • 60% of daily users use Snapchat to create content
  • On average, daily Snapchat users will open the app 18 times a day
  • On average, users spend 30minutes+ on the app a day
  • Snapchat have recently launched 3D world lenses, which rely on augmented reality-powered animations that not only lets consumers use AR to animate their faces, but they can also add floating animation’s to their surroundings

How they monetise Snapchat:
Sponsored creative tools such as Geofilters and augmented reality:

image iPhone-Iso-Mastercard-e1436909546244
Snap Chat sponsored Ad’s including:

  1. Swipe up on an add to read an extended article
  2. Swipe up on an add to download the companies app
  3. Swipe up to watch long-form video content (extended videos)
  4. Swipe up for web view- to play a game, to buy a product or to load a company website

2. Ryan Detert, CEO at Influential (data influencer platform)


Ryan Detert is the CEO of Influential, which uses first-to-market artificial intelligence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to deliver demographically, psychographically and contextually targeted campaigns for both brands and agencies.

Ryan Detert believes that the future of data analysis includes:

Augmented intelligence + Human Perception + Machine learning = best results

The artificial intelligence technology by Influential is used to vet potential influencers for a brand. Their technologies will analyse every post from the potential influencers on all of their social media platforms. The technology can analyse their personality type, their most common expression, if they’ve ever referenced your product, if they’ve ever spoken about your competitor, their use of profanities as well as do a back ground check for felonies.


It can also analyse a company’s social media posts to see if the psychographic tone of their posts align with the businesses slogan. For example, through an analysis of Nike’s media platforms, the main psychographic themes included self-efficacy, assertiveness and challenge, which align well to their slogan “just do it.”

Influential has seen a 30% lift in engagement in campaigns that use artificial intelligence. It is clear that the days of time consuming desktop research are long gone. It seems artificial intelligence is that way of the future in terms of data analysis and influencer selection.