We’ve been luck enough to spend the past week in Los Angeles before we went to CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Last Vegas. So naturally, while we had time we checked-out some amazing retail.
It’s easy to see from our top 5, just how far progressed LA is when it comes to health and wellbeing. It’s a city obsessed with looking good and increasingly adding other dimensions to that like feeling good. Ok, so here’s our Top 5.
1. SAJE, Malibu: 
This is a store that fits into the whole obsession with health and wellbeing it’s dedicated to essential oils and is a place for natural healing. It’s a modern take on the apothecary with a focus on natural healing. They’re stores echo this, and so do their products ranging from aromatherapy jewellery to oils to help cure your headache.
It’s no surprise that this is a purpose driven brand, created by a husband/wife team inspired to connected people with the healing power of plants.
2. CARBON38, Beverly Hills: 
One of our favourite athleisure online retailers, has headed offline with a pop-up store in Beverly Hills. (But is it really a pop-up if it’s been open for 2+ months). This is a 1,400 sq ft store, dedicated to highly edited womens yoga offer – a mix of brands like Alo, the Upside as well as their own label. In fact they collaborated with artist Curtis Kulig for a limited edition range and his art work is also featured in the store.
3. EREWHON MARKET, Venice Beach:
This is the real-deal version of Wholefoods. They have 3 stores in the city and have been around since the 60’s, we visited their store in Venice Beach. It’s stunning, a total embodiment of their philosophy to provide foods and products that change the lives of their customers…lofty goal, but it looks like they deliver.
They show thought leadership in natural foods, by featuring new and different trends in food (like Bullet Proof coffee – if you don’t know what this is look it up it’s coming) and will pull together a story around this trend. The store is about 1/3rd prepared foods (where you can watch the kitchen cook), and the rest grocery. It’s stunning!
4. LULULEMON, Santa Monica
This is Lululemon’s first US site and so it’s a bit of a flagship. From our observations it’s a place where they are experimenting with how they evolve their offer…for example there was very little yoga paraphernalia but in it’s place was a big TV playing football (a mecca for guys being dragged into the store). Our guess is that Lululemon are expanding their reach beyond Yoga (as it becomes more mainstream) and looking at how they can be applicable to other sports.
It’s hard to do a list of health and wellbeing and not mention the cult cycle studio Soul Cycle. Owned by American gym, Equinox, this is yoga meets spin…and so much more. Aside from the classes, it’s apparel offer is pretty impressive with local Soul shirts and shorts (worn by the instructors – so naturally you want to then buy them after class).
That’s a wrap of health and welling in LA!

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