Ikea is launching a pop-up concept called The ‘Dining Club’ from the 10th until the 25th of September in Shoreditch, London.
The idea is that you can take over a DIY restaurant (just like their furniture) and play host to up to 19 of your friends or family. According to Ikea ‘ Diners will orchestrate an intimate foodie experience in a kitchen environment to mimic an actual dinner party.
What’s cool is the nominated amateur chef will work under the supervision of an expert chef for the night. Not only that, but you get to create the restaurant of your dreams using Ikea. Everything from picking the name, the menu etc. All in all there will be 38 different ‘meals’ run over the period the concept is open.
If you’re in London and want to pop along to an event you can register until September 17th here: https://www.ikeathediningclub.com/
You can also pop into the ‘Dining Club’ for a workshop through out the period. They’re running events like ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ or ‘Creative Cooking with Kids’, as well as visit their onsite cafe which is open from 10am-10pm and cooking up the regular Ikea favs…like Swedish meatballs. Oh, and of course you can buy any of their kitchen range in their shop.
Such a great, interactive concept – focused on their customers love of food and showing yet another retailer moving into experience and service…not just product.

Dining Club location: 2-10 Shoreditch High Street, London

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