For many international travellers a trip to NY includes a journey to paradise or mecca in search of the holy grail – that perfect pair of shoes.

The Saks shoe department is the destination.

The only shoe department to have its own zip code Saks 10022-SHOE is a destination in of itself. To the delight of the consumer Saks have sparked the other major department stores to emulate them with Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Bergdoff Goodman all expanding their footwear departments to keep up with this giant.

In a time where retailers are constantly expanding their offers into more categories to try to take more share of the market. Saks are doing the opposite and focusing on what they already have working for them and what they know the customer wants.

With the news released on 31 July, the gasps of shoe aficionados were audible across the globe. Saks will open their first womens shoe only store in just a few short months.

They have secured a location nearby their Womens department store in Greenwich, Connecticut just north of NY. The new site will have over 3300m2 of retail space with just under 1000m2 for storage. Modelled off their current flagship Manhattan shoe department they will offer places to sit and gather with friends, vip rooms and shoe repair service. 

A focused offer in one of their marquee categories without distraction. We can’t wait to see how the new store is launched.

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