Dyson has opened it’s new ‘Dyson Demo’ concept store on Oxford Street in London (it already has direct-to-consumer retail in Paris, Tokyo, Moscow and Jakarta).
The 200 sqm space (spread across 2 floors) is designed to be a place where visitors can come and test, pick-up and experience the company’s products. The brand plans to open-up more in the coming months in major cities like San Francisco and NYC.
In true Dyson style, the design is simple, functional and so aesthetically pleasing…the perfect compliment to their product.
Aside from Apple, most electronic retail feel the need to display their quantity of stock…not use their spaces as showrooms. Dyson has chosen to display it’s product like art sitting on plinths, with all of the technical information communicated on video walls surrounding the display. They’ve created different floor types to test their vacuums, and a salon on the upper floor to try their new hairdryer.
Added to this there are no cashiers, in stead the POS systems are hidden in drawers so the place can be dedicated to ‘trying the products’.
Head of research design and development director, Jake Dyson says ‘the Dyson demo encourages people to be hands-on.’ We also like the fact that they are using their own products in store, they claim to have used their own air purifiers in store and say that makes the space the cleanest in London.

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