This week Apple launched coding camps for kids in it’s stores. The camps are designed to be run over the summer, and open to kids from 8 -12 years old. They’ll teach their ‘future consumers’ the basics of coding – introducing the concept of block-based coding which will allow the kids to program a Sphero Robot.

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Apple has run a concept called ‘Apple Camp’ over the US summer break since 2003. Similar to it’s other instore educationals, it’s aimed at introducing kids to Apple technology. The ‘Apple Camp’ classes are 90 mins – and while the kids learn, their parents are offered an overview of what their children are learning – as well as give them information on the more ‘family focused’ features of Apple products (ie. restrictions)

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However, this will be the first time they move into teach kids how to code. They expect 60,000 kids to participate in the ‘Apple Camp’ program this year in the US. It’s a brilliant concept, to engage their future consumer…without expecting anything (yet) in return.

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