…Or so recent research in clothing online spend would tell you. Roy Morgan have undertaken an analysis of spend between the sexes and found that women are increasingly buying locally online; where as men are spending a large proportion off shore.
If we look at it overall, 56% ($1.366B) of the $2.4B spent on clothing last year went to domestic online stores; while the rest went overseas to the likes of Amazon, US Department Stores Dot-Com sites etc. The preference for local online is being driven by women, who spent $1B on that space and half of that ($550M) through internationals.
Here’s where it gets interesting, Australian Men’s clothing is being bought more though international sites. Although the spend for this category is half of womens – it is growing global at a faster rate.
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In fact, according to IBIS World, Mens Clothing online sales have been growing at 17.4% annually for the last 5 years – that’s the faster than groceries (16.7%), Cosmetics (10.9%) or Womenswear.
Now if you break down sales of mens and womenswear even further by the gender of the person buying the goods (because let’s face it alot of menswear has traditionally been bought by women). This pattern get a little more interesting.
Australians spent $1.579M on womenswear online – 89% of which came from women. Of this $961M was spent on a domestic online site. The other 11% of spend by men and that was spent in a larger proportion on international sites.
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This is repeated when we look at men buying menswear – 60% went to international retailers. What about women buying mens clothes? They also headed international spending just over 50% off shore.
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So, let’s just say men are from Amazon and women are the from the Iconic.

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