It was announced this week by analytics firm comScore, that clothing and accessories have taken top spot for shopping online in the US. During 2015, apparel and accessories held the number 1 spot for 3 out of the 4 quarters. This means that the category beat computer hardware – the previous long-time leader in online sales.
So, why have clothes moved to number one?
According to comScore, the move has been largely driven by m-commerce (ie. buying through mobile).
“M-Commerce is where most of the digital commerce growth is happening in retail overall, and people are more likely to purchase less expensive, less complex products on mobile than they are to buy computer products” said Senior Analysis, Adam Lella.
Interestingly, though it seems that clothes may have sped up, computer hardware sales have slowed at the same time – due to the fact that most people are using their phones as their primary computers.
This research is further backed up by the fact that Amazon is seeing similar growth in it’s assortment. In fact its sales of apparel have outpaced sales of electronics and other non-apparel items.
This all shows the importance of starting with mobile for retail…particularly in apparel.

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