As most of us would have heard this week Nike launched it’s Hyperadapt 1.0 shoes that has ‘adaptive lacing’ technology. (You can tighten and loosen the shoelaces with the touch of a tiny button).
Ok, so cool tech – but it’s the ambition that lies under this product release which has a lot of the media excited. Nike are increasingly look for experiences that are not just personal but transformative. Sounds pretty spiritual!
In fact while we were in New York City in January we saw lots of brands talking about transformative experiences (from Lululemon and their obsession with community; to Shinola who ‘doesn’t make watches, but rather it employs people’).
To quote the Business of Fashion:
‘(we’re living) in a world where consumers increasingly value self-actualisation over physical stuff’. 
As a part of the new product line-up Nike introduced enhancements to it’s increasingly personal Nike+ app. Nike+ will now allow customers to book one-on-one appointments at store, join local running clubs as well as get perks for loyalty. A lot of media, see this as their door to moving from personalisation to transformation (Self-actualisation).
Check out Cnet’s run down of the two cool product releases in detail below: