Barney’s New York has opened their latest department store in Downtown New York. Making it the second department store in downtown New York (the other is Bloomingdales in SOHO). The store situated in Chelsea on 7th Avenue (between 16th and 18th St) is actually the very block where the company first started in 1923.

“ The fact that Barney’s is returning to its original home means that we’re keeping a piece of the original DNA of the brand but also taking our history and modernising it” say’s Barney’s COO Daniella Vitale.

Original Barney’s Store

The store is absolutely stunning – just look at the pictures below. It’s a 58,000 square foot space, that spans 5 floors
There’s been a renovation run of late with the Department Store set in NYC. Macy’s, the most recent to finish their renovations in their flagship location in Midtown; while Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue are currently undertaking a bit of a facelift. After spending a couple of weeks in January there, it seems that the last to renovate really is the ‘winner’. Once a store has finished renovating it puts a large gap between them and the rest of the market.
Of their recent move, Barney’s downtown architect Steven Harris says ‘The store is completely unique compared to any other store downtown. It’s subtle but inordinately luxurious’.  The store features ‘Blind Barber’ a dedicated place for men’s grooming – shaving, haircuts; and Fred’s restaurant (also in their Madison Avenue location).