We stumbled across ‘Never Eat Alone’ recently because it’s an app that not only solves a fundamental problem at work but also has managed to capitalise itself through the B2B market…Instead of direct to consumer – like every other app.
Never Eat Alone, was founded by French women Marie Schneegans after working at UBS. She found that at lunchtime – like in any organisation – you either eat at your desk or with the same people from your department. As we enter a new era of business, focused on collaboration and cross-functionality, this ‘same-same’ ultimately hinders innovation.
For example, Steve Jobs famously promoted collaboration at Pixar by only have one area for bathrooms for the whole of the studio – something that was incredibly inconvenient but it forced people to talk to other people outside of their normal discipline.
Never Eat Alone promotes a similar idea – albeit outside of the bathroom. It’s an app that, once loaded on your phone (with your own work profile – which includes your interest etc) then lets you find people from within your company to have lunch with. For example, if I’m a big fan of golf I can see everyone else in my organisation who is too and organise a lunch with one of them from there.
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The app’s idea is simple but it’s commercial program is breakthrough. Instead of competing in the land of ‘direct to consumer’ on any app platform, it’s looking to work with businesses directly. Tapping into the cultural need for collaboration, in increasingly large and siloed companies.
Never Eat Alone is a simple idea, that taps into a much bigger need in organisations. We can’t wait to see where it heads.
Check it out here: https://www.nevereatalone.io/