The internet has been going a little crazy this week with news that the video streaming service Netflix has launched a single button that dims your lights, activates your phones ‘do not disturb’ mode, orders take out and set’s up Netflix for the evening. The company call the button ‘The Switch’. ‘The Switch’ has been affectionately named ‘Netflix and chill’ by the internet – a slang term for hooking up, already in pop-culture…just check-out urban dictionary.
The internet aside, this button is pretty amazing. They’re even going as far as letting the customer DIY – you can customise the button with your own settings when it’s pressed. You need basic programming skills and some idea of APIs (application programming interfaces) in order to switch the button from it’s defaults.

This comes on the back of Amazon’s Dash Button – which lets customers automatically re-order products from the site. You can purchase these for US$4.99 (with $4.99 off your first purchase with the button). For example a ‘Huggies’ button that allows you to order more nappies at your change table. Pretty Cool.