Tesla has gone from relative obscurity to cult-vehicle…and when they launch the US$30,000 Model 3 in 2 years time, potentially the next ‘Apple’… if we follow that analogy the ‘Model 3’ will be their ‘iPhone’.
In 10 years, Elon Musk has taken Telsa and commercialised it. The parallels with Edison and Jobs are clear – they have all taken someone else technology (Edison famously and ironically took Nikola Tesla’s open patents and Jobs with existing tech) and democratised it. As proof, Musk has helped move the manufacturer to a market cap of $32B (that’s more than half of Ford’s in 10 years….Ford is over a 100 years old).
Here’s what we find so extra-ordinary about Elon – his accomplishments. First starting and selling Paypal – now at his current job at Telsa, he’s also the founder of SolarX (America’s largest solar panel installer), SpaceX (trying to reduce the cost of space flight and maybe colonise Mars)…oh and he’s also working on Hyperloop – a high speed train that would connect LA to San Fran in 35min journey. The scary fact – Just remember you have as many hours in the day as Elon!
Elon Musk (and of course the team that sit behind him) is a true game changer.
We’ll leave you with the video of him below in conversation with TED’s Chris Anderson: