Last week Raf Simons resigned from Dior.
For most of you this probably means nothing. Let’s face it Dior is not for the masses and I’m sure most people are thinking who the hell is Raf Simons.
The thing is this does mean something BIG and it matters.
Although Dior is not for the masses, this resignation was a signal to the world that the fashion cycle (driven by the fashion houses, and subsequently followed by fast fashion retailers) is moving at a pace that has become out of control. To the point where a creative director is unable to keep up with the madness of 6-10 collections in a year. In the case of most designers for the big houses that’s two couture shows, two ready-to-wear menswear, two ready-to-wear womenswear, two resort collections for men and two resort collection for women + a lot of designers will work across their own namesake lines as well. Consider Karl Lagerfeld who not only designs for Chanel but also Fendi and his namesake label.
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 4.54.15 pm

A couple of collections produced by Raf Simons this year – including a collaboration with Perry Ellis

This has meant that the balance between creativity and capitalism has been lost.
To quote Raf Simons, ex-Creative Director of Dior and who was extremely successful during his appointment ‘When you do 6 shows a year, there’s not enough time for creative enterprise’.
This matters because we think Raf is the tipping point.
Dior’s customer base may be small but they are the reference point from which the rest of fashion (and subsequently soft goods) follow.
Raf’s point is simple – the ability to incubate an idea is now gone. The creative directors (the ultimate influencer in fashion) are sick of it. The accelerating speed of fashion is killing it’s creativity.
We also agree with Raf, the fashion cycle is getting too fast and isn’t sustainable (for the industry and or for the environment).

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  •' Elona Ostrom says:

    I am a Fashion Designer based in Arizona and I have been creating women’s clothes for many years. I have recently started a new line in which I hand make everything. I strive to use the best quality materials and try to use as many as possible materials made in the US. I agree Fast Fashion is killing creativity and the average consumer has unfortunately lost the appreciation of what it takes to make a garment. I have found it tempting to just join everyone else who is buying cheap clothing from overseas then reselling them to make a fast buck but knowing how these cheap clothes are made and the human expense, I just can’t lay down my values. I will keep on the positive and create fashions with the best quality materials and the passion I put in every piece I make because I love what I do and I believe more people will become aware and value Quality that lasts over Cheap that ends up trash.

    Thank you,
    Elona Ostrom
    Desert Warrior Apparel

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