Earlier this week we were in Milan checking out what’s happening in the city of fashion and food. During our travels we stumbled upon an interesting department store concept called Brian e Barry.
Brian e Barry is a department store chain (7 stores in Italy) with its’ headquarters and flagship store in Milan at San Babila (about a 5 mins walk from Duomo). The flagship’s experience is spread across 12 level (or 6000 sqm) and covers everything from tech to food to fashion. This store was opened in 2014 with the idea of changing the mold of the traditional department store and it has definitely done that.
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In fact it’s amazing food offer, currently there are 8 different offerings in the store, makes it an all day and night destination. The lounge bar is open to 1am and the first cafe downstairs starts trading at 7am. These 8 different offers really drive the stores foot traffic – and not just at it’s entry but across all 12 floors.
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Brian e Barry is a little like a more mainstream version of the cult 10 Corso Como which sits on the other side of town. It’s mainstream in the sense that the product (while still expensive – particularly with the current exchange range) is focused more on designer diffusion lines (like Derek Lam’s 10 Crosby Street) and contemporary lines (like Bash). We like to think of it of the Milanese version of Macy’s (keeping in mind mainstream in Milan is not the same as mainstream here or in the US).
This is further translated into it’s stunning food service offer (as mentioned above) and cosmetics floor, which are run by Eataly (and other local providers) and Sephora respectively.
Eataly runs 3 of the 8 food concepts in the store. For those unfamiliar with Eataly it is an international food retailer (we would say best in class) focused on Italian fare, and for those who have only seen Eataly outside of it’s homeland – in Italy is differs quite a bit with more of a focus on food service.  Within Brian e Barry there is are two Eataly food outlets: Eataly Pizza/ Pasta restaurant, Eataly Burger restaurant; and then the regular supermarket.
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Then if you scoot onto the 1st floor – aka beauty – this is run by Sephora. This is the first time we’ve seen a departments store handover what is traditionally theirs to a partner. Added to this, the floor is probably the best looking Sephora we have seen. It has everything from a perfumery through to a service area to have your make-up applied for you.
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Brian e Barry is a great more mainstream translation of the edited department stores like 10 Corso Como or Paris’s Merci and Colette.
Address:Via Durini, 28, 20122 Milano, Italy
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