The ability to live stream your life to thousands of strangers around the world has been exciting for keen social media users. We’ve seen live streaming apps like Meerkat and Twitter’s Periscope take off over the past 12 months– and now Facebook has picked up the trend too.

On Wednesday the social media giant began rollout of the option to live stream video content – allowing people to share even more of their life with friends and followers, as well as the ability for viewers to like and comment on content. Also, in a similar fashion to Periscope, live streamed videos will be added to the streamer’s Facebook page, allowing them to be viewed again after the event.

Just imagine watching live streamed footage of little Johnny blowing out the candles on his birthday cake, or living vicariously through friends by enjoying a live stream of our their drunken night on the town.

While the idea of having the ability to share even more of these intimate details with our friends and family on Facebook sounds pretty exciting, unfortunately access to the option remains a dream for most of us.

Facebook has obviously deemed streaming for it’s regular users, a no-go zone – having rolled out the option only to celebrities and famous personalities with verified accounts.

Currently Facebook hasn’t given any indication about when, or even whether live streaming will become accessible to all users in the future. So for now lets just hope that the celebrities who have access to the option keep things entertaining.

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  •' WIll Duckworth says:

    Oh boy ! This should be fun … as if Facebook wasn’t getting flooded with enough mindless tosh anyway – now we’ll have live-streamed mindless tosh !

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