The end of last month marked the end of the one week celebration that is Cannes International Festival of Creativity. It’s a time to watch the best of the best, hear from celebrities and question ‘scam ads’ – and in true Cannes-style there were a few of these.
As we’ve seen in the past couple of years, Cannes is becoming less about the ‘big ad’ and more about small, clever ideas or products that have a big impact. Better put, it’s about ‘doing and then amplifying’. My feeling is that this is a result of general skepticism around advertising on the part the consumer, but I don’t know that this approach really answers the core problem..often the result is as inauthentic as a big ad.
Ok, rant over – here’s our top 5 picks from Cannes. We’ve but some n.b’s next to the work where it’s necessary. Otherwise, plug in your earphones and enjoy.
1. Life Paint – Volvo
Winner: Design Grand Prix; Promo & Activation Grand Prix
Hot off the heels of Epic Split here’s an amazing idea.

2. Emoji Ordering – Dominos
Winner: Titanium Grand Prix

If you want more information – we covered this awesome idea here.
3. Monty’s Christmas – John Lewis
Winner: Film Craft Grand Prix.

It’s hard to talk about ads at Cannes without talking about John Lewis. They seem to have a formula that just works – highly emotional, imaginative and based on a human truth (not product truth). What’s so clever about what they do is that they manage to navigate that fine line between authentic and cliche.
This year they took Monty in store – you could buy a stuffed Penguin at your John Lewis. They also partnered with Samsung and Microsoft to allow kids (and adults alike) to experience Monty as an animated 3D experience.
4. #iwillwhatiwant – Underarmour 
Winner: Cyber Grand Prix

5. 100 years – Leica
Winner: Film Grand Prix

We like this idea because it’s a nice juxtaposition to the whole ‘shot on a mobile’ phenomenon. It’s old school and talks about the influence of Leica on the whole of photography. It’s a great ad, because it has a wonderful brand to talk about.
A final mention to the Winner of Product Design: Iron Fish
Big N.B on this one. It’s being contested as a scam ad – but we included it for the idea. Apparently the ‘Iron Fish’ idea has existed for quite some time in Vietnam (prior to any agency claiming to have invented it). We’ve included it because, we like the idea at the heart of it.

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