We like this concept.

There’s been a lot of noise around the Makers Movement (which is a technology based extension of DIY culture) – the MarkersCAFE in London is a retail manifestation of this movement. It’s a coffee shop-slash-makers space. Basically you can 3D print a mug (or anything else you desire) and drink your coffee in set mug (or just simply grab a coffee).
The customer can submit their design (a mug or something more adventurous) online or in person, and then the cafe’s team will take the design and turn it into reality using the instore 3D printers.
Maybe one better the cafe also has a chocolate printer that allows you to print in chocolate (like it says on the box) and iTattoo service which allows engraving on any of the designs.
The space is busy outside of traditional coffee shop hours – at night it becomes a ‘school’ where they teach people (soon to be makers) about 3D printing or laser cutting etc.

Check out more about the store in the video below: