Rumour has it H&M are working on a brand new concept – due to launch in 2017. According to CEO, Karl-Johan Persson it ‘will be completely different from H&M’.  The last time H&M went to market with a new concept was in 2013 with ‘& Other Story’, although yet to enter the Australian market, this high street concept now has more than 20 stores in 10 different countries.
According to a recent investor conference call, this year H&M are focused on expanding their smaller store brand – COS, & Other Stories as well as speeding up the roll out of Monki and Weekday. From what we could ascertain from the call, H&M disclosed it has a department within the business looking at ‘new things’ (super vague) with ‘some concrete things currently under consideration’.
There are plenty of rumours circulating on what exactly the direction of this concept would be…what we do know is that it won’t be like anything they’ve done so far.

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