Harvey Nics have been exploring some really interesting ways to promote themselves. In fact they won the Grand Prix at Cannes International Festival of Creativity (aka. the highest prize) for their ‘I spent it on myself’ Christmas campaign.

In their most recent promotion they’ve taken a slightly different tact. In order to promote their new loyalty app – which as you’ll see in the commercial below –  they’ve used real CCTV of shoplifters in their store and brought it to life in an ad. This is brilliant, because they’re leveraging something retailers often hide and making it newsworthy. It’s also worthwhile noting how they’ve taken quite a complex product (the loyalty app – see details below) and made it simple to understand (aka human). See below…

So what’s the deal with the loyalty app? It’s a tiered loyalty program where customers get different benefits depending on how much they spend:

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.28.44 am

On top of this you earn points for every pound spent and this is redeemable for different rewards once a quarter – with anything from a pedicure to a case of premium wine. So you can see the complexity  of the product and thus the brilliance in the execution.

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