KickStarter, the crowd-funding platform is becoming a home for budding fashion labels.

The latest is a little more high profile than most – it’s Halston contemporary Stephen Burrows. Burrows was a designer during the 70s and synonymous with the whole studio 54 aesthetic. Since then the designer has pretty much disappeared – he hasn’t shown a collection in 4 years.


To quote Burrows ‘My last collection was financed by rich friends’. Now at 71 years old he’s looking to relaunch his label. After numerous talks with investors, ‘no one stepped up’. So he’s turned to kick-starter in the hopes of raising $300,000 to finance his label’s launch. So far he’s at $94,000 – not a bad effort but certainly not at his goal.


We like this because it’s an interesting experiment in a new way to fund fashion.

You can check out Stephen Burrow’s Kickstarter page here: