Patagonia is such a fabulous brand. A B-corporation (benefit corporation) who shows responsibility towards all of it’s stakeholders (not just shareholders). In it’s latest effort to be a responsible member of society it has sent a biodiesel  wagon from California to Boston (and then back) on a mission to repair people’s torn clothing. In typical Patagonia fashion, they’ll repair the garment whether it’s Patagonia or not, as well as teach people how to do fixes themselves.
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Patagonia say that if people kept their clothing for an extra 9 months it would reduce carbon, waste and water footprints by 20-30%.
The company says:
“We can tinker with our supply chain, improve sourcing, use all recycled fabrics and give away millions of dollars to environmental organisations until the cows come in, but nothing is more important and impactful than keeping our clothing in use for as long as possible.” 
The van left California on April the 2nd, and helps highlight Patagonia’s promotion of ‘Worn Wear Initiative’ and their long-held lifetime repair guarantee. ‘W.W.I’ was launched in 2013 and basically uses social media to get wearers to talk about their favourite Patagonia item and how long it’s lasted. The idea is to inspire people to keep their clothing longer.
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The van has a repair station, with solar powered sewing machine, DIY tools and guides for people to pick up and learn how to repair their clothes. Plus, there is a second truck selling second hand Patagonia clothes to new owners.

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