Net-a-porter are taking their social presence a little further with the ‘Net Set’, a social platform due to formally launch next week. The network has been in beta since 2013, and currently has 15,000 members.

The name ‘Net Set’ comes from the hashtag customers were using to show-off their Net-a-Porter purchases on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. They’ve taken the name and exploded it into a new social platform, which will let customers curate images  in a feed and then using image recognition software the platform will give ‘style suggestions’ based on those images. Similar to other networks, users will have ‘admirers’ (the Net Set version of ‘followers’). In keeping with the exclusivity of the brand, the network will be by invitation only. 

TNS_prelaunch_shot_lg_retWe think this is an interesting move for Net-a-Porter and continues it’s push into content and publishing. In all instances ( be that Net Set or Porter magazine) they are building the platforms themselves. We think Net Set has legs as a social concept – it picks up where Instagram and Pinterest have yet to try – e-commerce; plus the lust-worthy product line – we think this is an initiative to watch.

Added to that it’s built for Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone. You can see their promo video below.

You can request an invitation at