On the fourth floor of their Oxford Circus store, H&M have launched a pop-up dedicated to their Conscious range and larger business effort to get more sustainable. This is a brand that has been under a lot of pressure to ‘act more responsibly’ as has the category it plays within, fast fashion.

The ‘Conscious Capsule Space’ is about communicating this ‘responsibility’ message to their customers, showing the steps they are taking to get more sustainable.
In keeping with the theme the central installation in the pop-up is made of old, unwanted garments cut-up and repurposed into hexagon mounts.
We think it’s nice H&M are acknowledging they need to ‘get with the program’ when it comes to sustainability, but that said this is just a pop-up. Being ultra cynical but it doesn’t appear that the pop-up uses sustainable materials itself or for the provision of the electricity that powers it. Instead it plays up getting selfies and digital tech.
And, I guess that’s the hard bit when you want to make an eco statement – it has to be something that’s part of the brands DNA and not be done because you want to tell customers ‘you’re trying’.

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