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Domino’s has taken the notion of omnichannel to the next level. Starting on May 20th, Domino’s in the US is launching Twitter ordering. They see this a part of their ‘AnyWare’ technology. Cute name – basically ‘AnyWare’ is designed to give the customer the ability to place an order in more ways and on more devices. Really it’s just they’re continuous omni program.
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For example they recently announced that customers could use their smart watches to order (or with a Ford Sync – you can place an order while you’re on the go in the car).
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Here’s where it gets cool – on Twitter, customers will be able to order just by tweeting the pizza emoji (like below).
How does it work?
Customers need to set up an ‘easy order’ account, where your Twitter handle (aka name) will be registered, along with your pizza preferences and billing information. You then place your order by tweeting @Dominos, they will send you a DM (direct message) to confirm the order and it will be delivered to your door (or the address registered on ‘easy order’).
To quote CEO Patrick Doyle:
‘It’s the epitome of convenience, we’re got this down to a 5-second exchange. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to order from us’. 

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