An interesting combination is teaming up to help one of the world’s oldest (ageing) populations.
Japan Post (owns most of the nations post offices, as well as several large banks) started a Postal Watch service in 2013 designed to check-in on the elderly. Essentially, postal service workers visit elderly Japanese citizens during their mail run and then report back to their family on their condition.
The company is now taking it a step further by adding Apple and IBM into the mix as tech partners in the project. Apple will be providing iPads and IBM the software to expand ‘The Watch’ project.
The iPads with their new software will allow Japan Post to monitor user’s health (reminding them to take medicine, exercise and eat properly), as well as maintain their connection with family and friends who they might not normally see (through FaceTime, Messenger etc).  The device will do everything from facilitating grocery service delivery to alerting them of community activities.
What’s important to note in this, is the partnership between Apple and IBM. It opens the doors for them to look at how they can work together outside of this project. So stay tuned

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