We think this will be a brand to watch.
World champion surfer, Kelly Slater, is teaming up with luxury conglomerant Kering (aka owners of Gucci, Stella McCartney etc) to create a new luxe-surf brand called ‘Outerknown’. In fact to do this deal Slater left his longtime contract with Quiksilver (he’s been with them since he was 18).
Outerknown is a part of a new type of surf lifestyle brand we’ve seen popping up a bit like Saturday Surf NYC. Brands that are leaving their forefathers – how have failed to adapt – like Quicksilver or Billabong behind and evolving to match a new consumers needs/desires. The appeal for Slater is to make it a brand built on ‘style, sustainability and travel’. In fact it’s mantra is to ‘build better and more sustainable products’ with the name Outerknown references ‘the furthest reaches of our knowledge today’. A brand set up to innovate.
Just as you would expect, the brand is full of talent, like Julie Gilhard, the famed former fashion director of Barney’s, Stella Ishii, who helped nurture cult-brand Alexander Wang and John Moore, former menswear designer for J.Crew. So really it’s a winning line up.
The brand launches in July – we’re putting our bets on it being a success…and hopefully helping to evolve the rest of the surf industry (at least in some way).
John Moore and Kelly Slater

John Moore and Kelly Slater