Google, like Amazon, has been trying to crack into the fashion world. It’s latest move is to use the data it collects through search (6 billion data points) into the ultimate fashion trends tool. Unlike other trends tools, this should be a much more ‘consumer-centric’ approach.
The company will release fashion trend reports twice a year.
In it’s first report – available here – it distinguishes between long-term (or sustained) trends like jogger paints; ‘flash-in-the-pan’ trends like the Kale sweatshirt Beyonce wore and ‘Seasonal’ trends that continue to come back stronger and stronger each season like high waisted bikinis.
The idea is that a brand can see how items are trending – seasonally, over a long period of time or over weeks (as per below).
Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.18.38 am
Google really seem to be putting serious effort into this area, their Head of Fashion and Luxury, Lisa Green, said they have started working with major retailers like Calvin Klein to incorporate this data into fashion planning and forecasting.
We think this might finally be Google’s way into fashion, after years playing around with Google Shopping, and more recently Shopping express (delivery).
In true Google style it will share this database free with retailers, in order to build partners and it’s cred in the area, plus to kill off any smaller rivals playing in this space and charging a fortune for their services.

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