We’ve found some great stats – through Quartz and Slice Intelligence – on the success of Apple Watch’s first day on pre-order. As an aside – Slice Intelligence tracks and forecasts spending by using e-comm email receipts.

Here’s a breakdown (for the US only – but it gives a pretty good idea):

Apple received around one million pre-orders for the watch on the 10th April (first day it went on pre-sale).

The average selling price per watch was approx. US$504 (that’s sales of half a billion dollars in one day).

Around 2/3rd of all orders were for the Aluminium Sports Line which retails for US$349, a little less than a 1/3rd were for the stainless-steal variation (retails for US$549) and a small number were for the gold edition seriesĀ (which starts at US$10,000).

Of the Apple Watch pre-order customers that were tracked 72% have another Apple product (which they’ve bought in the last 2 years) + 43% of people ordering the new Macbook also bought a Watch.