Straight up! This is amazing.

Amazon are taking it one step further and trialling delivery to your car’s boot. In partnership with car manufacturer, Audi, that is exactly what is happening.

Currently in trial phase with plans to launch it in Munich (Germany), Audi has created a system called ‘Connect Easy Delivery’. It has been done in cooperation with DHL and Amazon. Basically, it’s genius. Amazon Prime members who also own Audi vehicles can request their packages to be delivered directly to their car boot. In order for this seamless tech to work, drivers have to allow their car to be tracked during the delivery period, the DHL guy handling your package will then get a digital access code to get into your car’s trunk. The code will be valid only for that specific time and will expire as soon as the boot has been closed again.

There are talks of expanding the program to other cars. In the meantime, we think this is simply amazing.

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