This week was the pinnacle of the ‘ad’ year with the Super Bowl. At $4.5 million for a 30 second spot – it’s a big deal. What we noticed this year is that there were no ‘big ads’ (no Clint Eastwood ‘half time in America‘ and the like).

Here’s our pick of the best:

Snickers – an extension of their ‘you’re not you when you’re hungry’ platform, taking it for a twist back in time. This ad won the Super Bowl.

Skittles: ‘The Usual Way’ – totally on brand (kooky).

Loctite Glue: way to get noticed…getting a lot of buzz around the ‘social web’ for spending all it’s marketing budget for the year on this…

Always: Like a Girl – this follows that genre of ads which are ‘socially conscience’ (think Dove etc)

Esurance: Sort of You. We like these, way to make insurance mildly interesting – just add some Lindsey Lohan and Walter White

Worthy mention to Carnival. Nice ad – mainly because it breaks the corny convention that cruise ads tend to follow:

and finally a weird mention for Jeff Bridges in their Squarespace ad.

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