Given Apple has finally announced the release date of it’s much anticipated Watch, we thought it would be worthwhile taking a look at what the Swiss are doing? Well, it seems like they’re (finally) assembling some kind of defence.

Let’s start a few months ago…post the Apple Watch launch announcement at the end of last year there was a lot of classic denial talk amongst this industry. Stuff along the lines of…”They are essentially transient products rather than items of enduring value.”

Ok yes, they aren’t playing by the rules that the Swiss have set but that’s no reason to dismiss. So, a couple of months on we’re now seeing the traditional watchmakers changing their tune…

Tag Heuer has finally admitted that they are entering the ‘wearable tech’ market in partnership with Intel- in fact it was rumoured this watch would launch at CES in January – but this proved to be false…

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 3.40.01 pm

…and now Montblanc with the launch of their Timewalker Urban Speed collection. It’s a ‘smart watch’… Well actually it’s a ’smart strap’ – an optional extra with the watch.

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The strap has a screen which which feeds you information like texts, emails, calendar events etc – as well as monitors your exercise.


So really their entry into the growing wearable technology arena is a risk-averse attempt to compete with the imaginative ideas we’ve seen coming out of Silicon Valley. The strap is available for purchase (separately to the watch) – as one blogger has put it ‘you can buy the Montblanc band separately so you can strap it to your Apple watch’.


We’re putting it out there…it’s probably too much copying and a little too late.