At the Big Show in NYC last week, we were fortunate enough to hear from Uber’s ‘Head of Everything’ Jason Droege; and what he had to say was fascinating. The company sees themselves as a ‘logistics business’…not just carting people from A to B but launching new services that expand their reach into ‘everything’.
Enter Uber Rush!
Uber Rush, it’s their B2B play to help retailers get their goods to customers in minutes (not hours). In NYC the average delivery time is 23 mins. It’s such a great concept because it means that retailers looking to launch same day delivery don’t need to invest in their own logistics, rather they can partner. The Uber Rush button can even be added to a website at purchase. Importantly, means that delivery cannot be a competitive advantage but a cost-of-entry.
Currently there’s no confirmed time for when this will be rolled out in Australia…but we hear that people are using Uber this way at the moment in Sydney – getting drivers to pick up good for them (clever hack).

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