Kit & Ace is the brainchild of JJ and Shannon Wilson (son and wife of Lululemon founder Chip Wilson). Shannon worked with her husband at Lululemon prior to this venture; and you can see this in the vision of the company.

Company Founders: JJ & Shannon Wilson

Company Founders: JJ & Shannon Wilson

Similar to Lululemon the brand is a vertical operator. It’s riding the wave of athleisure through what they’re calling ‘technical luxury’ a.k.a. taking elements of exercise wear and making it fashionable – for both men and women.


The clothes break the paradigm of practical and fashionable. All clothes are made from technical fabrics; all stretch and everything is machine washable.


It was founded in 2014 and currently has 7 retail outlets – called studios – in North America. The brand is planning to expand into Europe and Asia this year.


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In terms of their stores – there’s a few Lulu similarities – like the focus on community. Every store has a ‘The Wall’ which features the work of local artists and a place for these artists to get on a global stage; and a newsletter showcasing places to visit in the neighbourhood.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 5.19.33 pm Kit & Ace is a great concept, and perfect market timing

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