The ride-sharing service Uber is integrating music service Spotify into it’s offer.

This a partnership that allows customer to play DJ (using Spotify) when they get a ride –  with music running through the stereo of their Uber ride. Although it’s not official (yet)…Uber is set to announce the service this week.  Ultimately this feels like a great move on the part of both companies. For Uber, it has the ability to improve the user experience (ie. Not having to listen to annoying cab driver talk-back radio or tunes); but for Spotify it offers something more.

Spotify currently has 50 million users, but in order to grow it needs to look outside of its own ecosystem (app). In recent months it’s been making moves to do this with in-car services being a key part of this roadmap (Spotify has made deals to embed its service with car manufacturers Volvo and Ford). It’s an interesting move, for an industry (music) which has been notoriously closed.

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