This week Louis Vuitton opened their Frank Gehry designed ‘Foundation Louis Vuitton’ in Paris.  It’s designed to be an art/gallery space, to house the art the company has amassed over it’s lifetime, as well as some of Bernard Arnault’s personal collection. All available to the public to view. The building also features an auditorium which will host a diverse range of musical performers. For example, on the bill is currently pianist Lang Lang as well as electro-group Kraftwek. (Plus, Louis Vuitton presented their recent Spring-Summer collection in this part of the venue in early October).

This is a great example of a brand extending it’s meaning into culture. Luxury retail tends to play around a lot with the arts, however it’s often one-off – like sponsoring an exhibition or collaborating with an artist for a collection – as Louis Vuitton have done in the past. This feels like the most authentic demonstration of this commitment to date. The Foundation will hold the works of artists like Jean-Micheel Basquiat, Jeff Koons as well as commissioned works from Olafur Elison etc.

Foundation Louis Vuitton opens to the public on the 27th October.

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