Today, Neil Perry opened the latest extension of ‘Rockpool‘ with ‘Burger Project‘. Aptly positioned directly above Grill’d in Sydney’s World Square.

Essentially Perry’s taken the famous Rockpool burger, pricing it at a $7 entry point, with a 100-seat shopping mall venue and voila! He’s in the fast casual dining category.

Make no mistake this concept has a cause (as most of Perry’s endeavours do), to create the type of Aussie burger he remembers before McDonald’s entered the market. To that end, the Burger Project is focused on provenance, community and sustainability (piggy-backing on values that form Rockpool’s foundation).

We like this concept. After years of McDonald’s and KFC doing ‘posh burgers’ it’s great to see the market moving the other way. A great chef, bringing a great burger into the mass market. It couldn’t be better timing with the growth in fast casual dinning.

We hope this is just the first of many great new concepts we see entering this market.

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Burger Project: Level 1 World Square.