In bars, restaurants and other eateries around the world, the humble plate and glass just won’t cut it anymore when it comes to food and drink presentation. As the number of dining outlets continues to rise, so too must a business’s willingness to find the best and most unique way to serve drinks and dishes to attract consumers’ attention and retain their hard-earned cash. Discover more about the innovative concepts used to hold and display meals and liquids.


Originally a hipster liquid container of choice, it’s clear to see that the ‘serving-a-drink-in-a-jar’ trend has definitely gone mainstream as more and more retailers adopt this novel presentation method. Re-using jam jars and other containers to serve drinks of all kinds in is eco-friendly as well as eye-catching. Creating a rustic, homely feel in even the most minimalist of locations, this is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Whether for coffee or cocktails, consumers seem to love this unique form of presentation and despite some concern from industry professionals that this trend has been overdone, retailers in Australia as well as internationally have to remember that the customer is always right.


No longer confined to the after-dinner cheese selection, diners can increasingly expect to see all of their courses served on boards. Depending on the theme of the restaurant and the type of food being served, meals are being presented on wooden chopping-boards or slabs of slate. While the latter is believed to have originated from Parisian restaurants, often the leaders of the latest global food trends, the more ranch-style wooden blocks seem to reference the ‘olde worlde’ charm of food service from years gone by. Whichever style chefs may choose, what’s clear to see is that the standard white plate isn’t the go-to choice in restaurant retail design.

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