We have a lot of respect for 7-Eleven. We’ve visited their stores all around the world and in their home market, Japan.

They’re a retailer that’s acting more like a member of the community than just a ‘grab and go’ store. (As an aside, we’re currently watching what their venture capital arm, 7-Ventures, are doing). In Sweden, as part of last week’s Stockholm Pride Parade, the store became a pop-up wedding venue for gay couples who wanted to marry. This is the second year they have run this event. It’s a great way of bring their slogan ‘open for all’ (Oppet for alla) to life.

7-Eleven Pop-Up Weddings

This is not only brave for a retailer to take transform their store in this way (they have done something similar when they become Qwik-e-Mart for The Simpsons Movie launch), but more than that to take a stand for a social issue they (and their community) believe in. This is a great example of a retailer thinking beyond traditional events, traditional promotions to larger social issues that effect their community.

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