In a recent post, we discussed how the international food retailing sector continues to gain momentum as a particularly strong area of the industry. Leading the way in developments in both profits and operations, as well as often some of the first to trial innovative shopping experiences such as online shopping and click-and-collect, supermarkets across the world are a force to be reckoned with.

The top five chains that were profiled in the last post were mainly from the US and the UK, although the French-owned Carrefour S.A was the exception.

The next five represent countries slightly more further afield, creating a more diverse listing that may also be reflective of wider global economic trends. The shops that made the cut for the second part of the analysis is mainly comprised of European enterprises, suggesting that the continent is catching up with the American domination of the sector.

6. Metro AG

Despite fierce competition from other German supermarkets, this Dusseldorf-based massive retailer has stores throughout Europe and Asia. It’s also a part of the Walmart family, so no surprises that it ranks so highly in an international league.

7. Aldi

Another leading supermarket in Germany and which has now expanded to 17 countries across the world, Aldi is a discount retailer that offers customers consistently low prices.

8. Target Corporation

The only American company in the second half of the table, Target was originally created in 1902, meaning that it has been going strong for more than a century. A major discount retailer in the States and worldwide, Target also prides itself on having reached US$4 million in charitable donations a week in 2012.

9. REWE Group

Germany continues to dominate in this section of the listings, with another leading brand making waves in the sector on a global level too. Headquartered in Cologne since its inception in 1927, supermarkets are just one aspect of this company’s considerably wide-ranging portfolio.

10. Woolworths Limited

Although many worthy contenders for the last spot in the top 10, Woolworths Limited won. Opening its first supermarket in 1960, and since then expanding across growing economies, including currently retailing in Australia, India and South Africa, Woolworths could well be one to watch in the future.

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