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This is the next generation of Nike Stores.

They’ve transformed their localised store concepts developed in the late 2000s like Paris’ ‘Librairie’,  NYC’s ’21 Mercer’ and London’s ‘1948’ (as well as locations in Milan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong) into a new concept called NikeLab. There is also a mini NikeLab concession in upmarket mini–department store ‘Dover Street Market’ in NYC. We recently visited their Paris location just after it had opened on the 12th June – you can see our pics below.

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So what’s the store all about?

Like the name suggests it’s a place to showcase innovation. This is how they’re doing that…

  • Getting sustainable: They’ve looked at using recycled materials to create modular fixtures – reducing the impact these stores have on the environment and allowing them to change with time. For example, in their London store they’ve used recycled hard-drives for fixtures and created rubber flooring using reprocessed rubber from their NikeGrind project.
  • Integrate digital: They’ve worked hard to integrate digital with the physical store (and not in some overly show-off tech way). The stores have their own Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as it’s very own online store.
  • Exclusive Product: This place is where they showcase their new innovations and smaller collaborations. For example, it’s where you can buy their limited edition collaboration with Givenchy designer, Riccardo Tischi.

What’s really nice about this concept is that it’s not everywhere, but rather like a lab it’s limited and therefore able to constantly be in ‘test and learn’ mode. We guess we’ll have to wait and see whether this idea really does ‘evolve’.

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