Net-a-porter is entering sport with a new brand extension – ‘Net–a-sporter’. They’ve always had a sports section on their site, but this is an attempt to move more noticeably into this direction.

Net-a-sporter isn’t your regular run of the mill sports site but rather a place for ‘women who want to shop for high-performing yet stylish pieces’ says Alison Leohnis, Net-a-porter’s President. Added to that they’re steering away from ‘uniform buying’ when it comes to sport instead looking for more niche labels. So that customers feel like they’re getting something special from the site.

To help drive some hype leading up to the launch they’ve teamed up with Zimmerman and Lisa Marie Fernandez to create exclusive capsule collections for the site. Given the melding of fashion into sport this feels like a natural move. Net-a-Sporter launches on July 9th.